General conditions for the use of our apps and privacy policy

Pertains to the following app's:

Our applications, website and Facebook page are owned and operated by 'Imagix' v/Anders Peter Amsnæs (VAT ID: DK20068671).

Responsibility for the website and apps

The aim of our apps are to make it easy and more fun for children before and during the early school years – to learn the first few letters, words, numbers and simple math, etc. We aim to make all information on our website and in our Apps correct and up to date. Errors will be corrected as soon as possible.

Rights to the website and apps

'Imagix' has all the rights to website and Apps listed there. Including individual components, names, logos, texts, catalogs, design, graphics, movies, audio files, photos, programming, software and databases – unless otherwise noticed by the individual App in the App Store description.

Statistics and collecting of data

'Imagix' use Google Analytics on our website, to collect information about the use of the Apps. We collect no information about individual users and do not store the names, email addresses, etc. for the purpose of marketing our Apps.


We do not show ads for similar third-party products on our website or in our Apps. We do refer to other education-related Apps from 'Imagix'.

Information to third parties

We do not disclose information about users or the use of our Apps for third parties.

Your rights

If you have any additional questions about our Apps, website, or handling of data, please write to: 'Imagix', Prøvestensbroen 2, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. You can also contact us through our website.